Things to consider while using handmade face masks

Due to shortage of medical supplies, experts recommend not to purchase surgical masks and n95 respirators instead choose DIY face masks. Although the masks alone cannot prevent you from getting the virus, it could prevent infected people from spreading it. People are using masks as a protective gear while going out in public which is a good practice, however, due to the high demand materials used for making the masks are running low. For example, China has exported almost 4 billion face masks in March.

Coronavirus testing to include all Essential workers in the UK

Matt Hancock, Britain’s health minister expands the testing criteria and includes all essential workers in the UK and their households for testing. The new testing regime for the coronavirus with a target of testing 100,000 people per day by the end of April appears to be overambitious and difficult to meet, but Hancock is determined to achieve it. Even though the testing capacity is increased, only a few people are showing up for the tests.  The government had faced criticism for not making mass availability of the tests which would help determine the positive cases quickly.

Understanding stay at home directives and self-isolation

It’s almost a month since the UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced a strict “stay-at-home” order to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Right now the nation is under police enforced lockdown and people are allowed to leave their homes only for very limited purposes such as shopping for basic needs, medical necessities and traveling for work purposes. One form of exercise a day, like run, walk, or cycle is also allowed. It is also necessary to keep a 2-meter distance when you go out.

Coronavirus plasma treatments to be tested in the UK; New hope for critically ill Patients

When the nation is overwhelmed with the rising coronavirus fatalities, prioritizing two clinical plasma trials for coronavirus treatment comes as a huge relief.Blood transfusions from recovered patients could save critically ill COVID 19 patients. For the trial, NHS Blood and Transplant (NHSBT) has started to collect blood from recovered patients. Although the plasma transfusions are not a solution to this crisis, the antibody-rich serum can be used to improve immune systems of patients battling with the virus.

Coronavirus Crisis: How life in The UK has changed

With factories closed, travel halted, and billions of people under lockdown, the human footprint on the earth has drastically reduced so much so that it has changed the way the Earth moves.  Affecting almost 210countries/territories, the coronavirus COVID-19 has so far killed more than 119,413 people. It goes without saying that this pandemic has certainly changed the global economy and the way we live. Here, in the UK the situation is no different. While Boris Johnson, the U.K. Prime Minister was released from London hospital on Sunday where he has battled coronavirus, the nation is still struggling to curb the spread of the Virus and preparing the healthcare workers for the hardship ahead.