Medical Supply Procurement Services

Opening the way for healthcare services to access reputable medical and pharmaceutical supplies at a reduced cost

At Pantaq, we understand that hospitals, pharmacies and healthcare services are under pressure to reduce costs without compromising on quality and timely stock flow.

To support you, we operate as an extension of your team to eliminate the complexities of procurement and source affordable medical and pharmaceutical supplies that you’re your quality standards.

Our experienced specialists listen to your needs; identify the exact products; negotiate the best deals and manage all storage, logistics and optimised supply of the required medical and pharmaceutical supplies.
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Procurement Services for Medical Supplies

Through well-established relationships with vendors and engagement with multiple hospitals, pharmacies and other healthcare entities, we are able to pass on huge benefits to our customers, including:

  • Identification of the exact brand and product to meet your precise specifications.
  • Impressive buying power that is used by experienced negotiators to leverage the best possible prices.
  • Comprehensive shipping, storage and delivery of your medical supplies within the agreed time frame.
  • The option for staggered delivery and storage to ensure you always have access to correct stock levels.
  • Reliable customer support and a dedicated contact from initial order to receipt of goods.

High-Quality Supplies, Guaranteed.

By dealing exclusively with best manufacturers and first level vendors, we make certain that our clients receive only pre-approved products that comply with top quality standards.

Why Choose Pantaq?

In contrast to the transactional relationship of other suppliers, we strive to become long-term dependable partners; adjusting our services to meet your specific requirements and future goals. We achieve this through:

  1. Our vendor vetting process that provides a strategic vetting process of vendors and brand specific competency check assure you that you reach right manufacturer/vendor for the right product.
  2. Our price promise that ensures consistent product pricing for a prefixed period of contract.
  3. An experienced team of procurement specialists who have spent years developing trusted relationships with manufacturers and vendors, helping to maintain the great prices and service.
  4. Transparent services that are based on trust, requiring no long-term contracts or membership payments ; allowing you the freedom to use our services only when required.
  5. Quick access to market-leading brands and the latest advancements in medical supplies.
  6. A regional presence in numerous countries that provide valuable knowledge of leading advancement in medical sector around the globe.
  7. Ultimate buying power from large volume procurement; creating the best opportunity for healthcare services to access high-quality medical supplies at affordable prices.

How can we help?

Contact us with your requirements and brand specifications for medical supplies and we’ll respond with options for:

  •  Optimal medical devices and consumables brand and products for your specific need.
  •  Best value prices negotiated by our expert procurement team and extensive buying power
  • Optimal solutions for shipping, storage and timely stock replenishment.

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